Vizsla Breeder Corner!

Dave and Christine Sylvester are from Las Vegas, NV and we are new in “Vizsla” field, since 2010. We are not professional/famous breeders, but we are dedicated to preserving old traditional Vizsla lines and the most important thing:

We want to keep our Vizslas happy and healthy!

Our Vizslas are family members: they are traveling with us in different States and National Parks, they are taking Agility, Obedience, Hunting and Conformation classes. When we feel that the time comes, we show them in Conformation Shows or we test them in Obedience Competitions or Hunting Tests.(please check our dogs individual pages!) We are AKC, IABCA, NAVHDA members, also, we are members of Vizsla Club of America.

Occasionally, we will have puppies. Our breeding principles:

1. Healthy puppies: our dogs passed all the health tests. Please, check their personal pages and OFFA page.

2. Happy puppies: our future puppies will be socialized and tested before they join their new families.

3.About the breed traits:

– we follow old traditional lines: strong bones structure, strong, dry, noble and well proportioned head .

Here you have a picture with our boy, Yanni and his Father: Domefalvi Amigo a good example a very strong bones structure:

1093897_10201922254961072_1959634470_o                                                      1146544_10201922256681115_1181419425_n

INT. CH Aranyvadasz Suveg RN, CGC                                           Domefalvi  Amigo                     (

– huge desire to hunt and scan the fields, but in the same time obedient ready to please the owners.

– we prefer the golden rust color – “french roll yellow with different shades”  not red, brownish or light colors.

Our dogs are coming from good breeders with good lines. This is our first “Vizsla experience”,  we are not ” famous breeders”, our goal is to keep our Vizslas -Happy and Healthy and keep the old traditional lines preserved!


Our boy, Aranyvadasz Suveg-call name Yanni, at 6 weeks!

©  Blessed Sunshine Vizslas/ Blessed Sunshine Magyar Vizslas – All rights reserved.  Please do not use, share or download any images herein for use on websites, blogs or other media without our explicit permission.

13 Responses to Vizsla Breeder Corner!

  1. Ilona Jani says:


    I’m very partial to Vizslas.
    My Father lives in Budapest.
    I’ve brought back Both my
    Beauties as puppies twice.
    Unfortunately I cant go visit him now .
    True HU quality you have kept up!
    I live in Henderson,
    If you could please
    Let me know when puppies arrive !
    Funny my last name is Jani pronounced like “Yanni”

  2. Patricia Lee Sgherzi says:

    Do you know if anyone in Vegas who does Vizsla rescue? Looking for another Vizsla.

    Thank you!

  3. Jeannie ysmael says:

    Any puppies available.. I had 2 viszlas for 15 years .. I have never been loved by any human as much as my viszlas loved me ..

  4. AJ Morales says:

    Are there any puppies available at the moment?

  5. Brian says:

    My name is Brian Olson. I live inReno. I am very actively looking for a male pup. I had a female who I raised and trained. Unfortunately, she has since passed at age 14.

    If you or anybody you know will have a litter this year, I would be grateful for the opportunity to get on a wait list.

    Thanks in advance,

  6. jason fisher says:

    Any puppies available?

  7. No sorry! We retired our dogs!

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