Our Extended Family!

6 Month old – Days in our life!

  1. Vegas’s Blesses Sunshine Azsu call name SCOUT!

Foto: by her owners!

2. Vegas’s Blessed Sunshine Rylo


3.Vegas’s Blessed Sunshine Atilla call name Amuu with his little Vizsla sister.Video taken by his owner.

4.Vegas’s Blessed Sunshine Arany-Kenzie-Photo taken by Christine and Dave Sylvester during a short visit in California!

5. Vegas’s Blessed Sunshine Anizs-Penny – photo taken by her owners.

6.Vegas’s Blessed Sunshine Adu-Tika photo taken by Christine and Dave Sylvester during a short visit.

Vegas’s Blessed Sunshine Almos – AKC registered name Woody

Photos taken by his owners:

Vegas’s Blessed Sunshine Almos

He is going to be a Hunter and he will live in Las Vegas with his beautiful family!


Vegas’s Blessed Sunshine Arany – call name Kenzie is living in California, Los Angeles area and she will do Conformation and Hunting!


Vegas’s Blessed Sunshine Aszu call name Scout is living in California, San Diego area and she is going to be involved in Obedience and Tracking!



Vegas’s Blessed Sunshine Anizs – call name Penny is going to live in California, San Francisco area and she is going to enjoy life with her beautiful family!


Vegas’s Blessed Sunshine Attila call name Amuu (the Hunter) is living in Oak Harbor, WA and he is going to be a Hunter.


Vegas’s Blessed Sunshine Alom – call name Rylo. She is living in Austin, Texas and she will be involved in cross-country events with her beautiful owner.


Vegas’s Blessed Sunshine Adu is living in California, Costa Mesa area and she is going to have a great life with her new family!