Our Boy- Aranyvadasz Suveg-Yanni


Blessed Sunshine Vizslas – All rights reserved.  Please do not use, share or download any images herein for use on websites, blogs or other media without our explicit permission.

If you meet “breeders” who are trying to offer stud services or puppies that  pretend to have genetic connections with Tasha and Yanni, please ask for the pedigrees of their dogs. According with AKC rules and regulations and our contracts, the puppies who left us should have: “Vegas’s Blessed Sunshine”  name included in their pedigrees.

Please, contact us if you experience this kind of situation!

Unfortunately, there are a lot of greedy breeders/individuals with no respect for Vizsla breed!


Short history: our boy Aranyvadasz Suveg, call name Yanni, is imported from Europe and he has a Romanian International Pedigree. He comes from old, traditional lines. He was born in Aranyvadasz Kennels and his breeder name is Czekes Lorand.

We acquired him in 2012 when he was a little puppy, after a long trip from Hungary, via Frankfurt.  He is very sweet, obedient with a strong desire to scan the fields and hunt for his owners.

Here, are some pictures with Yanni having fun!(Photos by Christine Sylvester)10485041_10204247825498882_6338857784937021409_n   11144452_912542778843802_3778737249446060435_o


11707705_788559601242121_1620368583807063249_o  10489787_595352113896205_6781298497598666963_n


Here is the link with a 10 generations pedigree Aranyvadasz Suveg – Yanni: http://www.vizsladatabase.com/details.php?id=73593

Yanni’s pedigree:

yannipedigree2 001

Yanni’s Mother-Bodza:

Int. Ch. Blume des Konig Csendes Of Tierah

Actually, Bodza lives in Salem, USA. Photo taken by Jayme Nelson.


Bodza’s OFA test:

Bodza's OFA

Yanni’s Father- Amigo:

Dömefalvi Amigo
 (Photo taken by Czekes Lorand)


Yanni’s DNA test:

001  Yanni’s Medical checks:



Int. Champion Aranyvadasz Suveg RN, CGC – Yanni’s Titles

a 001  yannicgc07182015



2 0011 001

Photos taken by Dave Sylvester

1401807_10202425114012234_49919407_o  20998_10201098922738281_843830224_n

Pictures with Yanni in the field:

Photos taken by Christine Sylvester



A few pictures with Yanni’s European Ancestors (please check his online pedigree):

Pictures source: the online pedigree database!

Int/Hun/Eng Sh Ch Kilátó-Téri Fürge Mokány of Helmlake

kilato teri furge mokany of helmlake as a young dog Mokany mokany1


Helmlake Love To Please Rainscote

   rainscote love to please

Rainscote Russian Roulette at Daxpack



Available for stud services based on a Stud Contract only for approved Bitches (at least good Hips).

Please contact us at:


for more informations.

©  Blessed Sunshine Vizslas – All rights reserved.  Please do not use, share or download any images herein for use on websites, blogs or other media without our explicit permission.

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