Vizsla Standard in Europe, USA and Canada.

Vizsla Standard in USA, AKC Standard: Vizsla Standard in Europe:–57.html

Vizsla Standard in Canada:

Short  History for Vizsla Breed :

Important Document :

If you read all the documents about the history of Vizsla breed, most of them specify: “Transylvanian hound dog may have been in the ancestry tree of the Vizsla or Hungarian  pointer as it is known in Hungary and most of Europe now”.

Christine Sylvester is from Transylvania, Romania and she is proud to dedicate time and energy to preserve this beautiful breed who probably was created and stabilized in her country of origin. Also, we know how much love and dedication for this breed came from local breeders that’s why we respect them. We decided to import our male Aranyvadasz Suveg from Hungary, because he is coming from old traditional lines.

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