Litter “A” is 2 years old!

We are more than happy to share some pictures with the puppies from our first litter. We received fresh pictures from their owners. Enjoy!

Miss Orange – Vegas’s Blessed Sunshine Alom – call name RYLO!

She worked hard and she received her first “Hunting Ribbon”!!!


Miss Pink – Vegas’s Blessed Sunshine Adu-call name Tikka!

She is busy traveling and having fun with her owners!


First born – Vegas’s Blessed Sunshine Attila – call name Amu 

He is busy taking care of his family!

Miss Yellow – Vegas’s Blessed Sunshine Anizs  – call name Penny Copper!

She is living a happy life with her wonderful owners! She spends hours swimming in a lake located in her backyard!

Miss Red – Vegas’s Blessed Sunshine Aszu- call name Scout!

She lives a happy life with her family in California!

Miss White – Vegas’s Blessed Sunshine Arany – call name Kenzie


Unfortunately, we lost the contact with the owners of Mr. Light Blue, Almos. Practically, they are unreachable, so we keep the last boy born in our prayers. We hope that he has a happy life, like his brother and sisters!