Puppy Request Form


Blessed Sunshine Vizslas – All rights reserved.  Please do not use, share or download any images herein for use on websites, blogs or other media without our explicit permission.

If you meet “breeders” who are trying to offer stud services or puppies that  pretend to have genetic connections with Tasha and Yanni, please ask for the pedigrees of their dogs. According with AKC rules and regulations and our contracts, the puppies who left us should have: “Vegas’s Blessed Sunshine”  name included in their pedigrees.

Please, contact us if you experience this kind of situation!

Unfortunately, there are a lot of greedy breeders/individuals with no respect for Vizsla breed!



Important information!

We don’t have available puppies for the moment and we will not have a new litter next 5 years! Please, check our Vizsla rescue page!  There are so many Vizslas in need of a good family!



If you have a lot of love for this breed, you have energy for a Vizsla, you like our Vizsla lines and you want a puppy from us, then send us an e-mail for a request form.

Since we are breeding occasionally, and we consider our Vizslas like family, we want the best homes for our puppies!

Our e-mail:



1 Response to Puppy Request Form

  1. Sheryl DaSilva says:

    Hello, I emailed you in 2016 asking about puppies. I am still very interested and if you are planning on a litter at any time will you please let me know. Thank you.

    Hello! We are very sorry.We don’t plan any litter soon and we don’t have available puppies for the moment. Please, check Vizsla rescue groups or Vizsla breeders/AKC page.

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